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Marxer und Partner

Founded in 1925
by Dr. Dr. Ludwig Marxer

Marxer & Partner Attorneys-at-Law was founded in June 1925 by Dr. Dr. Ludwig Marxer. At the beginning of the thirties he already had three employees, including since 1941 the later partner Adulf Peter Goop. Dr. Dr. Ludwig Marxer was Deputy Prime Minister of Liechtenstein from 1926 to 1933.

Dr. Peter Marxer Sen. joined his father's office as a lawyer in 1959. After the death of Dr. Dr. Ludwig Marxer in 1962, he became his successor and managed the firm together with his partner Adulf Peter Goop. Dr. Peter Marxer Sen. used to be a member of the partnership until he died on 30 May 2016. Dr. Peter Marxer Sen. was also a Member of Parliament and group leader in the Liechtenstein parliament from 1966 to 1982.

Expansion of the law firm
from 1980

The number of the office's employees was steadily growing in the eighties. The personnel and organizational structures were created for the expansion into an international law firm. The strong expansion of the firm and its dynamic development led to growth in all areas.

In 1988, Adulf Peter Goop retired. At the same time, his son Dr. Peter Goop, who had been with the firm since 1980, became a member of the partnership. From 1981 to 1999 Dr. Walter Kieber, former head of government of the Principality of Liechtenstein, was also a member of the partnership. Dr. Herbert Oberhuber, who was working in the law firm since 1971, became a consultant to the firm in 1998. Meanwhile he has retired, but continues to work for the law firm as of counsel. In 1998 the partnership was expanded to include the longtime colleagues Dr. Hermann Böckle, who has retired in the meantime, Dr. Karl Josef Hier, Dr. Johannes Michael Burger, and Dr. Heinz Grabher, who continued to work for the law firm as of counsel in 2018. In 1999 Dr. Peter Marxer Jun. joined the partnership. He has now assumed responsibility for Continor Treuhand Anstalt, which was established in 2010. Since then he has served as of counsel in the law firm.

In 2004 the partnership was further expanded to include Dr. Robert Schneider. In 2006 Dr. Michael Grabher and lic. iur. Jesus Cortes in 2006 became members of the partnership. At the end of 2006 Dr. Peter Goop withdrew from the partnership, but is still connected to the law firm as of counsel. Dr. Michael Oberhuber, lic. iur. Christoph Huber (who left the law firm in 2011 to become a partner of Continor Treuhand Anstalt), Stefan Wenaweser, and Dr. Markus Summer joined the partnership in 2008. In 2009 Dr. Mario A. König, Dr. Armin Dobler, Mag. Jochen Schreiber and Dr. Doris Mäser were added to the partnership to be followed by Dr. Florian Marxer in 2010 and Dr. Hasan Inetas and Dr. Daniel Damjanovic in 2013.

By expanding the partnership Marxer & Partner is continuously invigorated and enjoys continuous robust growth.